when we went electronic / workshop

when we went electronic
by Caitlin Saylor Stephens
music & lyrics by Caitlin Saylor Stephens + Sarah Frances Cagianese
directed by Molly Marinik
choreography by Mandie Black
The Flea, October 2014 + March 2015

03.18.15: Post-workshop staged excerpt presentation at The Flea Theater.

A staged version of the first 40 minutes with choreography by Mandie Black and sound design by Lee Kinney. 

12.19.14: Second presentation at The Flea Theater.

Including major edits to the book and a new song by Caitlin and Sarah.

10.2.14: First presentation at The Flea Theater. 

We had a fantastic presentation of the work we've done so far on when we went electronic at The Flea today. I'm looking forward to further work and our next reading!

08.05.14: We had our first read through today of when we went electronic and I'm already so excited to be working on this play. Being reunited with my stage-wife Eliza Simpson is a gift, and we had such a productive first rehearsal. Can't wait to hear the music!

Additional highlight: Meeting Molly's amazing dog Gus. All rehearsals are improved by French bull dog snuffles.